About Us

We have been an organized club for 30 years, and are one of the oldest running Scrabble clubs in the United States.

We meet every Wednesday at:

Chris Ridge Village
6246 N 19th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85015

(located just north of Bethany Home Rd on 19th ave, on the west side of the street)

We play 5 games; the first game starts at 4:30pm. We typically conclude around 9:15pm. If you do not want to stay for all 5 games, you certainly don’t have to. The pricing scheme is $1/game for up to 4 games, but if you stay for all 5, your last game is FREE! All first time players will be able to play all 5 games for FREE. We will also provide new players a 2 and 3 letter word list that they may use during their games, and FREE challenges.

There are prizes awarded at every session, and we have birthday potlucks on the first Wednesday of every month, for all upcoming birthdays of that month.

So come on down! Check us out! Bring a friend! Or 2! The more, the merrier!

Our club director is Larry Rand. If you have any questions, you may contact him directly at:

Phone: (480) 730-5031
Email: larryrand@cox.net

Hope to see you at our next meeting!


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